Beijing Bohua Xinzhi Technology Co., Ltd.

company profile

Beijing Bohua Xinzhi Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Bohua Technology), established in 2006, is mainly engaged in industrial Internet equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, serving petrochemical, coal chemical, metallurgy, power, wind power, ship power, Municipal and rail transportation industries. The company's products include offline inspection systems, online monitoring and diagnosis systems for reciprocating compressors, online monitoring and diagnosis systems for rotating machinery, online monitoring and diagnosis systems for key machines and pumps, online monitoring and diagnosis systems for wind turbines, online monitoring systems for engines, wireless monitoring and diagnosis systems, and Equipment professional management platform, remote monitoring and diagnosis center, RCM evaluation and other overall solutions. He has obtained a number of patents and computer software copyrights, has software product certification and software enterprise certification, and won the provincial and ministerial science and technology progress award special award.
船舶动力 、电力、轨道交通、装备制造等行业累计3000+大中型机组的在线监测和诊断,基于自主研发的智能边缘计算网关等产品完成对监测机组的实时监测与预警,提供从边缘计算到工业云平台端到端的整体解决方案,使生产企业减损增效与安全长周期运营,通过“互联网+工业服务”形式帮助装备制造企业实现服务型制造转型。 In the field of Industrial Internet, the Bohua Technology team focuses on the intelligent operation and maintenance of equipment. In the past ten years, it has completed online monitoring and diagnosis of a total of 3000+ large and medium-sized units in the petrochemical, marine power , power, rail transportation, and equipment manufacturing industries. Based on self-developed intelligent edge computing gateways and other products, it completes real-time monitoring and early warning of monitoring units, provides end-to-end overall solutions from edge computing to industrial cloud platforms, and enables production companies to reduce losses and increase efficiency and secure long-term operations. The form of “Internet + industrial services” helps equipment manufacturing enterprises realize service-oriented manufacturing transformation.

development path

In 2006, Beijing Bohua Xinzhi Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established
In 2009, Beijing high-tech enterprise certification
In 2011, the reciprocating compressor online monitoring system won the special prize of provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress award
In 2012, Beijing tax credit A-level enterprise
In 2014, the national SME stock transfer system (new third board) was listed
In 2014, the new intelligent EHS electro-hydraulic control system won the first prize of provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress
In 2015, won the "Top 50 Most Valuable Investment Companies in China" by Tsinghua Financial Review
In 2015, won the "2015 China Industrial Internet Best Solution Award" by China Industrial Internet Conference
In 2016, obtained the third-level qualification of computer system integration
In 2016, the Beijing Engineering Laboratory of Intelligent Health Monitoring Based on Industrial Internet Equipment was identified
In 2018, as a consortium, successfully applied for the "Testing and Testing of Process Internet (Petrochemical) Industrial Internet Platform" Project)
In 2018, won the "Brilliant 40 Years" technical achievement award of China's industrial equipment management

Team Profile

Research and development capabilities
Has more than R & D team consisting of doctors, masters, and industry experts. It is the domestically equipped with centrifugal, reciprocating compressor and pump monitoring system and equipment information management platform, and seamlessly integrates under the same platform. It can provide enterprises with intelligent operation and maintenance of industrial Internet equipment from edge computing to industrial cloud platforms. End-to-end overall solution.
Market capacity
With a complete sales network and after-sales service system, the company is currently headquartered in Beijing, with eight offices in Daqing, Shenyang, Urumqi, Xi'an, Wuhan, Chengdu, Nanjing, and Guangzhou; Daqing, Shenyang, Urumqi, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Qinzhou, Chengdu eight after-sales service centers, sales and service networks throughout the country. The market shares of the three major oil companies are among the highest in the country.
Service capacity
With a strong field engineering and diagnostic service team in the same industry in China, it can provide turnkey engineering services from sensor installation to the entire system online, and can provide users with the most professional diagnostic service outsourcing capabilities.
Production capacity
Has a modern production base of nearly 3,000 square meters, and has professional production, testing, quality assurance systems and systems.
5. Innovative ability
It has the innovative ability to open up new industries and new requirements of the Industrial Internet, and has steadily launched many new fields such as T2B2C empowering SME equipment health management.

Production base

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