Industrial big data

Bohua Technology provides the following solutions for industrial big data
· Analysis and processing of massive data based on partners' general big data processing architecture
SparkHIVEKafka等技术对海量数据的实时分析和处理,并结合我们对于工业数据的认知,提供独立的海量工业数据的接入、清洗、集成、存储、查询方案,支持多种工业协议输入输出(OPC,DDE,CAN,MQTT等)。 Use HDFS , Spark , HIVE , Kafka and other technologies to analyze and process massive data in real time, and combine our knowledge of industrial data to provide independent mass industrial data access, cleaning, integration, storage, and query solutions, supporting multiple Inputs and outputs of various industrial protocols (OPC, DDE, CAN, MQTT, etc.).
Provide multi-dimensional data analysis services based on massive industrial data for anomaly capture, fleet management, data model and twin construction
年的现场实践经验以及18年的现场应用经验,现已完成50000台动设备状态监测数据的监控和采集,积累有效故障样本数据1000多例,涵盖80大类故障知识库,覆盖柴油机、往复式压缩机、离心式压缩机、电机、机泵等主要工业设备。 Based on 35 years of field practical experience and 18 years of field application experience, Bohua Technology has completed the monitoring and collection of 50,000 mobile equipment condition monitoring data, accumulated more than 1,000 valid fault sample data, covering 80 major fault knowledge bases It covers major industrial equipment such as diesel engines, reciprocating compressors, centrifugal compressors, motors, and pumps. The combination of parametric and non-parametric methods is used to extract and analyze the characteristics of the fault sample data for exception capture, cluster management, data model and twin construction.
· Comprehensive management of heterogeneous data
Provide structured (measured data) and unstructured (document, case) data integration, annotation, search solutions.

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