Industrial cloud-equipment intelligent operation and maintenance cloud platform 2.0

The platform focuses on multiple industries such as petrochemicals, rail transportation, ship power, electric power, and equipment manufacturing, and provides business functions such as condition monitoring, fault early warning, maintenance decision-making, and production schedule optimization for industrial equipment. It integrates equipment operation status awareness, data analysis, Data decision-making and other solutions in an integrated IoT application platform, designed to ensure long-term, efficient, energy-saving, and stable operation of enterprise equipment.

Cloud platform architecture <br /> Equipment intelligent operation and maintenance cloud platform architecture:

· Edge layer
PaaS层 PaaS layer
· SaaS layer

Device intelligent operation and maintenance cloud platform architecture

Edge layer:

工艺信息,通过有线和无线的传感器网络将运行状态/工艺信息发送至边缘层智能边缘计算网关。 Use sensors and acquisition data systems arranged on various types of monitoring objects (equipment) to obtain equipment operating status / process information, and send the operating status / process information to the edge layer intelligent edge computing gateway through a wired and wireless sensor network. 系统的采集器;第二类是DCS系统、 PLC 、第三方采集系统等;第三类是测试仪器类的离线采集设备。 The collection data system is divided into three categories: the first category is the collector of the BH5000 system; the second category is the DCS system, PLC , third-party collection system, etc .; the third category is the offline collection equipment of the test instrument.

PaaS layer:

层的分析数据实时上传至云端平台,基于HDFSSparkHIVEKafka等数据处理技术,利用大数据分析和机器学习对实时上传至云端的数据作分析,横向对比同型号设备状态实时数据,纵向对比历史数据,精准定位不同环境和工况下的设备状态。 The collected data from the edge layer and the analysis data from the SaaS layer are uploaded to the cloud platform in real time. Based on data processing technologies such as HDFS , Spark , HIVE , Kafka, etc., big data analysis and machine learning are used to analyze the data uploaded to the cloud in real time. Real-time data on the status of the same model of equipment, vertical comparison of historical data, accurate positioning of equipment status under different environments and working conditions. 层应用和边缘层智能网关,为企业设备提供诊断和维修决策支持。 At the same time, based on the dynamic training and learning of real-time data and historical fault case data, the intelligent maintenance decision model and intelligent early warning model are optimized and delivered to the SaaS layer application and edge layer intelligent gateway to provide diagnosis and maintenance decision support for enterprise equipment.

SaaS layer:

和微服务,主要用于设备运行状态的分析和预警,比如异常状态报警、运行工况分析、异常特征诊断、设备检维修管理、维修任务智能优化决策等功能。 Provides data analysis apps and microservices based on the operating mechanism of the device. It is mainly used for analysis and early warning of the operating status of the device, such as abnormal status alarms, operating condition analysis, abnormal feature diagnosis, equipment inspection and maintenance management, intelligent optimization of maintenance tasks, and other functions .

Cloud platform structure:

Equipment intelligent operation and maintenance cloud platform structure

Cloud platform features:

  Cloudification and microservices of the overall technology stack

平台所应用技术的云化,并支持核心功能与模块的微服务化,比如倒谱图、轴心轨迹、冲击诊断、单/多值棒图等一百多个功能模块,这些功能模块对往复式压缩机、离心式压缩机、机泵、电机、柴油机、燃机等设备各类故障具有良好监测效果和预警作用。 Supports cloudification of technologies applied from the edge to the PaaS platform, and supports microservices of core functions and modules, such as cepstrum, axis trajectory, impact diagnosis, single / multi-valued bar charts, and more than a hundred functional modules These function modules have a good monitoring effect and early warning effect on various faults of reciprocating compressors, centrifugal compressors, pumps, motors, diesel engines, and gas turbines.

  Public cloud: Support for public cloud solutions

Supports public cloud solutions, and supports a variety of standard data interfaces and protocols. Up to now, Bohua Technology has established partnerships with Tencent, Baidu, Huawei and other companies, and cooperated with Bohua Technology's technical advantages in the field of predictive maintenance of equipment.

  工业互联网平台 Private cloud: support private cloud solutions and BH industrial internet platform

工业互联网设备智能运维平台”。 The main customers of Bohua Technology are from large enterprise customers in the petrochemical, rail transportation, power, equipment manufacturing and other industries. The overall solution supports private cloud deployment, which is the " BH Industrial Internet Equipment Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Platform".

  Provide one-stop solutions from sensors, platforms to expert services

工艺状态监/检测、智能预警诊断、检维修管理、智能维修决策于一体的系统平台。 Bohua Technology has a complete solution for predictive maintenance of equipment, providing one-stop solutions from sensors to intelligent edge computing gateways, from intelligent edge computing gateways to platform microservice applications, and from platform microservice applications to expert services, integrating equipment System platform for operation / process status monitoring / detection, intelligent early warning diagnosis, inspection and maintenance management, and intelligent maintenance decision-making.

  The core technology stack of public cloud and private cloud solutions is completely unified

Facilitate smooth switching between public and private clouds, and hybrid cloud deployment

Cloud platform functions:

检测系统、移动端设备监测诊断管理系统、云端的设备智能预警分析诊断系统以及智能维修决策管理系统,从设备监/检测、预警、分析、诊断、检维修、维修决策、设备耗材等覆盖设备管理各个层次。 The industrial Internet platform includes equipment monitoring / detection systems, mobile terminal equipment monitoring and diagnosis management systems, cloud-based equipment intelligent early warning analysis and diagnosis systems, and intelligent maintenance decision management systems, from equipment monitoring / detection, early warning, analysis, diagnosis, inspection, maintenance, and maintenance decisions , Equipment supplies, etc. cover all levels of equipment management.

Equipment condition monitoring system:
The equipment condition monitoring system is for industrial common rotating machinery, reciprocating machinery, pumps, diesel engines, gas turbines, wind turbines, flue gas turbines, axial fans, extrusion granulators, steam turbines, motors, roller presses and other equipment. On-line monitoring, off-line detection of state and process quantities such as vibration, temperature, pressure, flow, current, speed, voltage, and other functions, as well as alarms, analysis and diagnosis specific to different monitoring objects.


Mobile equipment monitoring and diagnosis management system:

系统和Android系统的手机app ,用户可实时查看授权范围内的设备状态、频谱数据、波形数据以及历史数据及各项关键指标和参数,动态了解机组当前运行状态和工况。 Mobile app based on IOS system and Android system, users can view the device status, spectrum data, waveform data, historical data and key indicators and parameters within the authorized range in real time, and dynamically understand the current operating status and operating conditions of the unit. 可实时推送报警信息,并提供专家诊断结论和检维修建议,推送后续检维修待办事项提示。 When there is an alarm in the unit status, the app can push the alarm information in real time, provide expert diagnosis conclusions and maintenance suggestions, and push the reminders for subsequent inspection and maintenance to-do items.

Device intelligent early warning analysis and diagnosis system in the cloud:

PaaSSaaS ”结构,以预警诊断技术、大数据分析以及人工智能为基础,为运行设备提供的远程管理、诊断、维护以及强大的系统内或异地专家进行诊断、维修决策支持以及服务的信息交流平台。 Based on the "edge layer- IaaS - PaaS - SaaS " structure, based on early warning diagnosis technology, big data analysis and artificial intelligence, it provides remote management, diagnosis, maintenance for operating equipment and powerful in-system or remote experts for diagnosis and repair Information exchange platform for decision support and services. Comprehensively improve the equipment's fault diagnosis and maintenance capabilities, as well as the equipment's overhaul and guidance ability on site driving.

Equipment intelligent early warning analysis and diagnosis function

Equipment intelligent maintenance decision management system:
A dynamic decision-making management system for maintenance, safety, and information, intelligence, and professional equipment based on the reliability-centric maintenance (RCM) principle. Manage equipment inspection and maintenance, maintenance optimization, consumable records, and remaining working life, determine the minimum maintenance task requirements under the premise of ensuring equipment operation safety, reasonably allocate maintenance resources, and achieve long-term equipment operation.

Operation and shutdown statistics chart

Reliability and availability indicator trends

Maintenance task optimization

Application case: Intelligent cloud platform for equipment operation and maintenance

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