Total solution for petrochemical enterprises

         The equipment of the process industries such as petroleum, refining, chemical, and coal chemical industries are closely connected with the production process to form a large system. Once a failure occurs, it may lead to a major accident, which will affect production efficiency in a small way, and cause system shutdown and production interruption in a serious way, causing major economic losses. , Even vicious production accidents will occur, endangering people's lives and property safety, causing extremely serious consequences. Bohua Technology provides enterprises with online monitoring and diagnostic systems, offline testing instruments, maintenance management systems, and other equipment for turbine compressors, reciprocating compressors, fans, pumps, screw compressors, steam turbines, pressure vessels, pipelines and other equipment. Remote monitoring and diagnosis, reliability-based evaluation, and dynamic and static equipment management systems have been industrial Internet platforms.

Topology diagram of enterprise equipment internet platform

The offline, wireless, and wired three-in-one integrated solution adopts targeted monitoring solutions for the pump group, important pumps, and key units, and finally aggregates them into a unified platform.


Unit type monitored

A variety of mobile equipment for monitoring petrochemical companies, including turbine compressors, reciprocating compressors, steam turbine-generator sets, centrifugal / reciprocating pumps, fans, screw compressors, etc. The following is a general overview of three typical units.

  Reciprocating compressor
  Turbine compressor
  Motor pump wired monitoring

  Pump offline monitoring

  Pump wireless monitoring
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