Enterprise solutions for the power industry

      The power industry includes wind power, thermal power, nuclear power, and hydropower.

Steam turbine power plant using online monitoring tools, real-time collection axial displacement, radial vibration, key phase signal, and various types of monitoring real-time data transmission to data collection, data applications, manager of the state of working conditions data platform that provides real-time data for , Short-term trend data, historical data, start-stop data and alarm data, various analysis charts, analysis tools and automatic diagnostic expert system toolkit. And can realize remote monitoring, analysis, diagnosis, maintenance decision in the central monitoring room.

    There are two main types of online monitoring of steam turbines:
The first type is the built-in sensor of the unit, which can be used to output the shaft displacement signal, shaft radial vibration signal and key phase signal from the buffur buffer output interface of the secondary instrument (such as Bentley 3500 eddy current sensor). Pressure, flow rate, etc., bearing temperature of turbine and generator and gearbox, generator winding temperature, etc.) are introduced by Modbus or OPC.
Axis displacement signal: The condition monitoring system leads the original vibration signal from the on-site front end to the data collector, and the data collector transmits the collected data to the application server. Radial vibration and axial vibration signal systems lead signals directly from the field sensors to the data collector, and the data collector transmits the collected data to the application server. Analysis and diagnosis and maintenance personnel can call the unit status data of the on-site server at anytime and anywhere on the company's internal LAN and WAN to view the unit operation information and perform fault analysis and diagnosis.
The second type is that the unit does not have its own sensor. We need to add new sensors according to the unit structure, and the number of sensors should be confirmed according to the unit type.
The basic functions of the steam turbine online monitoring system are as follows:
◆ On-line monitoring, diagnostic analysis, and alarm of rolling bearing and sliding bearing units can be realized. At the same time, it has analysis methods of sliding bearings such as displacement signal axis trajectory and acceleration signal resonance demodulation analysis method. Contains the envelope demodulation waveform and envelope demodulation spectrum, and can display the rolling bearing defect frequency on the envelope demodulation spectrum.
◆ The software is based on a plug-in platform design. For different types of monitoring objects (equipment), different plug-ins can be integrated into the entire unified platform, and the human-machine interaction interface (HMI) style between the plug-ins remains the same. That is, the centrifugal, reciprocating, pump and other units can be unified under a monitoring system interface and displayed to the user in the same style to avoid users from investing unnecessary energy to learn to adapt to different systems.
◆ The system can perform real-time two-way communication with other measurement and control systems through OPC and Modbus protocols (both master and slave modes are supported). Under the premise of 500 points of communication, the minimum data delay is up to seconds; the system supports webservice access and RESTFUL style API access; The system has a mobile client access function. Support web-compatible enterprise or national GIS maps.
◆ The data of the monitoring software adopts non-destructive data processing technology (lossy compression technology is not allowed), and the data information of the entire waveform is completely retained without affecting the analysis and diagnosis of early failures and low-frequency failures. The data refresh rate can be adjusted according to the user's diagnosis and analysis needs. The minimum data refresh rate can reach 1 second.
◆ It can automatically handle the monitoring parameters (vibration acceleration, vibration speed, vibration displacement, temperature, etc.) repeatedly crossing the alarm time limit to remind the alarm problem repeatedly, while not missing the true alarm when the monitoring parameter trend actually increases. Alarm rate index: The overall delay is less than 1 minute, and the on-site alarm of key nodes reaches the level of 10s. Support alarm message through sound and light, short message and email.
◆ For alarm data judgment type, support speed and amplitude change quickly; data can be encrypted automatically when alarming, the minimum data saving interval after encryption can reach 5ms to ensure that short-term fast-changing alarm events can be captured and saved; data saving interval can be configured Support dense storage and semi-intensive storage.
◆ Start / stop status switching (from open to stop, from stop to open) is also a type of early warning information, which can be sent to the user; when there is no key phase and speed access, it can also determine the start / stop status, and can set whether to save Parking data.
◆ System data acquisition equipment and server must be installed in the unit control system cabinet. It has the functions of local storage and local analysis without network conditions to prevent network interruption and data cannot be retrieved when handling unit problems on site.
◆ The system adopts an independent development mode for each functional module. If a user proposes to modify a function, it can be implemented by modifying only a certain functional module, saving development time and costs.
◆ The system is easy to expand. For users who have other types of units in the future, they need to add condition monitoring systems, such as on-line monitoring equipment such as reciprocating compressors and pumps, and off-line monitoring equipment, which can be seamlessly connected under the same platform, without using different platforms.
◆ Special information for gear fault diagnosis: Configurable gear box fault diagnosis requires gear tooth number information to automatically calculate the meshing frequency.
◆ Data processing method: FFT, demodulation, etc., the number of spectrum lines can reach 6400 lines, and the whole cycle synchronous acquisition can be achieved when there is a key phase.
◆ It has the function of fault case database, which can input fault names and symptoms, retrieve fault cases according to the fault symptoms, upload fault feature maps, check and repair photos, etc. At the same time, it has built-in large rotating machinery to monitor 10 fault cases online.
◆ Automatically generate diagnostic reports and reports.

Wind turbines are key equipment for producing green and clean energy. However, due to the harsh working environment, wind turbines can cause various mechanical failures, such as gearboxes and bearing failures. Failure to provide early warning will lead to worsening of faults and damage to the unit ’s own components resulting in higher maintenance costs; fault shutdowns reduce power generation and reduce profitability; without condition monitoring system support, fault location is difficult, leading to longer maintenance times and further increases in costs . At present, the maintenance of wind turbines lacks a guideline for predictive maintenance, and regular maintenance is frequent, making it difficult to repair afterwards. The BH5000W wind turbine online monitoring and diagnosis system can effectively help solve these problems. Based on experimental research and field engineering application, the early warning technology for wind turbine failures developed by Bohua Technology can make up for the lack of maintenance and management of wind turbines efficiently and cost-effectively, and improve the overall management level of equipment. Enterprises directly save maintenance costs and indirectly increase profitability of power generation.

Wind turbine on-line monitoring system

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