Rail transit equipment health monitoring solution

In recent years, domestic high-speed railways and urban rail transit have ushered in construction peaks, and the safe operation and reliability of their equipment has always been the focus of attention. Specific to monitoring, testing, analysis, early warning and diagnosis, it is necessary to comprehensively apply advanced technologies such as sensor technology, distributed monitoring, and information technology. Bohua Technology provides mature products such as monitoring and early warning systems and test systems for equipment in the rail transportation industry. At the same time, Bohua Technology has established a test device for rail transit equipment, which can simulate and reproduce various scenarios during operation.
The locomotive condition monitoring and fault diagnosis system developed by Bohua Technology is mainly used for real-time monitoring of the operating status of railway locomotive or urban rail trains, timely detection of abnormalities of key components, providing accurate health warning information, predictive maintenance, reduction and avoidance Temporary deduction. At the same time, it has the monitoring of the running-in test process after the maintenance of key components of the locomotive to detect abnormalities in the running-in process in a timely manner to ensure that the key components after maintenance are reliable and available.
The system consists of sensors, a data acquisition intelligent gateway, and monitoring and analysis software. Compared with the traditional locomotive condition monitoring and fault diagnosis system, it has the following characteristics:
(1) The data acquisition intelligent gateway has the functions of acquisition, intelligent early warning, and networking, which can send real-time information such as the running status and health status of the locomotive to the cloud in real time (compatible with public and private clouds);
(2) Intelligent alarm threshold and model. Based on the characteristics of line operation and operating conditions, the granularity of the alarm model is refined, and the model parameters are different for different road sections and operating conditions;
(3) Intelligent data storage and transmission, the density of intelligent storage and the frequency of transmission according to the state of the locomotive.
(4) Small size, convenient installation and maintenance.

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