Ship Power Plant Solutions

动力装置是核心设备,因此动力装置健康状态尤其重要。 Marine power plant is the core equipment, so the health of power plant is especially important.

At present, the monitoring devices equipped in the ship's power plant monitoring system mainly include parameter adjustment systems, control and signal systems and thermal monitoring systems, as well as parameter interlocking and alarm systems. However, the vibration status monitoring of major equipment has not yet been achieved, thereby achieving Complete monitoring and comprehensive judgment of equipment operating status. 船舶 动力装置进行必要的振动监测,以实现故障诊断、早期预警和装备维修管理。 Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the necessary vibration monitoring of the ship's power plant to achieve fault diagnosis, early warning and equipment maintenance management.


船舶 动力装置的主机及其齿轮箱等辅助设备,运用振动监测、温度监测、油液分析、转速与各类工艺参数多信息融合的技术,提供健康监测、故障早期预警、智能诊断和预知维修等系统平台及相关可靠性测试解决方案,确保装备安全可靠运行,避免突发性重大事故发生。 For the main engine of the ship's power plant and its auxiliary equipment such as gearboxes, Bohua Technology uses vibration monitoring, temperature monitoring, oil analysis, multi-information fusion of speed and various process parameters to provide health monitoring, early warning of faults and intelligent diagnosis The system platform and related reliability test solutions such as predictive maintenance, etc. ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment and avoid sudden major accidents.

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