Equipment manufacturing enterprise solutions

Large equipment manufacturing enterprises are equipment-intensive industries, and often a single equipment failure will cause great economic losses and even paralyze the entire production line equipment, directly affecting the economic benefits of the enterprise. This requires an effective set of norms, systems, and controls in the management of digital equipment status.

Changes in the core competence system of industrial enterprises
Various steam turbines, smoke turbines, motors, fans, compressors, machine tools, pumps, gearboxes, spinning machines, twisters, compressors and other equipment manufacturers are used to improve product design, export inspection, factory inspection, and maintenance Evaluation, acceptance after maintenance, fault diagnosis, etc.
At present, our company has cooperated with a number of main engine or auxiliary machine manufacturers, mainly including: Shengu Group, Shaangu Group, Shenyang Yuanda Compressor, Hangzhou Steam Turbine, Dresser Celan Machinery, Shanghai Electric, Zhejiang Yunda, Sany Energy , Jialite Liaoyuan Pump Industry, etc., help the manufacturing industry to transform into intelligent services. When the user unit leaves the factory, it is equipped with the online monitoring and fault diagnosis system of the unit produced by our company, and a remote monitoring and early warning platform is built for the user to facilitate the user to understand the product operation status of the unit in the country and around the world, and to grasp the product operation data and Fault data, providing rich data for enterprise product fault monitoring, after-sales service, and design improvement.

Topology diagram of device monitoring network based on IoT technology

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