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Water enterprise equipment remote diagnosis and evaluation management platform:
Establish an equipment status monitoring information system based on the Industrial Internet of Things to achieve professional management of all employees, all processes and all elements, enhance the dynamic monitoring of equipment operation, improve the level of equipment refinement management, improve predictive maintenance, decision analysis capabilities, and avoid equipment Accidents or mitigate the consequences of equipment accidents, improve the level of modern equipment management. This system is based on the reliability of maintenance construction. It is a professional management system for maintenance, safety and security informatization, intelligence, and dynamic decision-making. It mainly consists of reliability data collection (operation information, fault maintenance information, maintenance information), equipment abnormal status management (equipment status, measuring point status, condition monitoring), performance management (management report) and other modules. Its main functions are as follows :
With real-time online monitoring and diagnostic analysis, remote assistance, alarm hierarchical sending, immediate diagnosis recommendations release, equipment abnormal alarm hierarchical confirmation, and diagnostic decision-making knowledge base generation functions;
· Judging the equipment operation status based on the real-time data acquisition system, through the collection and recording of equipment operation status change information, to achieve a one-to-one correspondence between the equipment operation status and the corresponding records, to ensure the objectivity and accuracy of data collection;
· Automatically generate equipment management performance reports based on quantification of operation information and maintenance information data, which can realize continuous analysis of equipment continuous operation time and remaining life, optimize equipment preventive maintenance cycle, and determine the best maintenance time;
· Based on equipment early warning information, diagnostic conclusions, remaining working life and equipment importance parameters, maintenance tasks can be optimized to determine the best maintenance content and time, determine the minimum maintenance task requirements under the premise of ensuring the safety of equipment operation, and reasonably allocate maintenance Resources to ensure the reliability, availability, and safety of equipment operation, while greatly reducing maintenance costs, and to provide maintenance decision support for daily equipment repair and maintenance;
Diagnostic reports and maintenance information can generate a fault case knowledge base, providing decision support for monitoring diagnosis analysis and maintenance recommendations.
It adopts modular design, strong extensibility, open interface, and can be connected with control systems such as DCS, MES, SCADA, and other state monitoring systems such as Reality, Bentley, and EAM systems such as ERP, Maximo, and Datastream.

Topology diagram of device monitoring network based on IoT technology

In order to further analyze the running status, the vertical axial flow pump used in the South-to-North Water Transfer Project can be installed with a real-time on-line monitoring and diagnosis system for the pump. The continuous waveform acquisition of the running status of the pump is used to analyze historical waveforms and frequency spectrum to find the cause of the failure and Regularly monitor the operation status of the pump in real time, catch abnormal conditions of the pump in advance, realize predictive maintenance, and escort the safe operation of equipment and facilities. 的设备实时在线监测诊断系统。 The system uses a variety of advanced technologies, which can be targeted at the different network characteristics of corporate users, forming a set of real-time online monitoring and diagnosis systems based on corporate LAN and Internet equipment. The system integrates monitoring, diagnosis, alarm, and preventive maintenance, and provides an effective means for users to quickly and accurately diagnose equipment failures. Real-time monitoring and fault diagnosis of the equipment through the condition monitoring system installed on the unit. The system includes sensors, data collectors, application servers, and remote condition monitoring and diagnosis system software required for monitoring. It can analyze and diagnose the emergence of the unit when it is running in real time. Various types of faults provide decision support for the safe operation and scientific maintenance of the unit and help optimize the operation of the equipment.
Diagnostic function

· For non-bearing faults, such as imbalance, misalignment, loosening, etc., speed monitoring can be used to provide early warning.

· For bearing failures, acceleration and gIE can be used for early warning.

The signals generated by the failure of the pump are mainly: conventional low frequency signals and high frequency shock vibration signals. Conventional low-frequency signals are expressed by speed values (mm / s), which can solve problems such as imbalance, misalignment, looseness, and eccentricity of the impeller. High frequency shock vibration signals are expressed by acceleration (m / s2) and gIE values, which can solve bearing failure, cavitation and other failures. For this signal, Bohua Technology uses the patented technology "optimal filtering and demodulation" to analyze the "shock vibration signal" to extract the fault characteristic signal for the engineer to analyze.

Equipment will release early warning signals before its failure, such as changes in vibration, temperature, and sound, and vibration is the most useful signal among them. Quantitative management of vibration data can solve most of the unit's failures. Equipment failure cycle is a very important factor. If the offline data collection cycle is too long, then failure information may not be captured. The BH5000P system can solve this problem and collect vibration in real time to cover the equipment failure period. Early warning of equipment is achieved, so that unplanned shutdowns or safety accidents of production lines can be avoided, and inspection and maintenance plans can be reasonably arranged.

Vertical Fully Adjustable Guide Vane Axial Flow Pump

System architecture diagram

Frequency spectrum of motor bearing vibration speed waveform

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