Health monitoring solutions for key equipment in the cement industry

近年来,水泥行业快速发展,竞争日益激烈,同时,在建材工业“十二五”规划中,国家对水泥企业也提出了“高效率、低能耗、零污染”的环保要求,这使得水泥生产日趋大型化、生产工艺节能化、操作管理自动化、环保措施生态化方向发展,传统的检维修模式已经较难满足自动化生产的要求,基于提高生产设备可靠性、降低故障率、延长检修周期和降低检修成本等方面考虑,设备运维管理科学化、智能化的要求越来越高。 In recent years, the cement industry has developed rapidly and competition has become increasingly fierce. At the same time, in the “12th Five-Year Plan” of the building materials industry, the state has also put forward environmental protection requirements of “high efficiency, low energy consumption, and zero pollution” for cement companies. With the increasing production scale, energy-saving production processes, automation of operation and management, and ecologicalization of environmental protection measures, the traditional inspection and maintenance model has been difficult to meet the requirements of automated production. Based on improving the reliability of production equipment, reducing the failure rate, extending the inspection cycle and In consideration of reducing maintenance costs, the requirements for scientific and intelligent equipment operation and maintenance management are getting higher and higher.
With the development of strategic plans such as Industry 4.0, Internet +, and Made in China 2025, the integrated development of equipment management and the Internet, the realization of the upgrade of the cement enterprise equipment management model is the general trend, and it is also an inherent requirement to improve the level of enterprise management and equipment operation efficiency.

立磨、回转窑、入库斗提减速机、入库斗提减速机辊压机、管磨减速机、高温风机、轴压机等 Main dynamic equipment of the cement industry: vertical mill, rotary kiln, storage bucket elevator reducer, storage bucket elevator reducer roller press, tube mill reducer, high temperature fan, shaft press, etc.

System network topology diagram

水泥厂辊压机 Cement Plant Roller Press

High temperature fan

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