Beijing Bohua Xinzhi Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent professional company of safety and maintenance assurance informationization. It has more than ten domestic senior fault diagnosis experts and rich experience in field equipment diagnosis.
Since 2007 to 2018, it has continuously issued monthly monitoring reports and diagnostic reports for PetroChina, CNOOC, Sinopec, Shenhua Group, Shanghai Electric and other enterprises, involving centrifugal compressor units, reciprocating compressor units, gas turbines, blowers, pumps, The remote and on-site diagnosis of various types of mechanical equipment such as wind turbines has helped solve a large number of key unit failures and played an important role in improving the equipment management level of enterprises.

Remote diagnostic services
Remote monitoring
Carry out all-weather manual monitoring and automatic monitoring of the unit, and focus on analyzing and tracking the changes in the parameters of the unit's parameters, such as the frequency value, vibration waveform, vibration spectrum and phase.
Alarm message
Provides customers with accurate and effective early warning of abnormalities or faults through multiple methods such as automatic alarm information push, alarm short message, alarm email and telephone notification.
Troubleshooting report
For the unit that is alarmed and identified as a unit failure, detailed analysis is performed based on the on-site information provided by the user and BH5000 data, and a "unit diagnosis analysis report" is issued.
Telephone consultation
When the equipment is abnormal or alarmed, the equipment is started or stopped, or the equipment is inspected and repaired, the remote monitoring center will contact the site in time to understand the current operation and process status of the equipment, and assist the field to solve problems encountered during the operation of the unit. The remote monitoring center will also exchange fault diagnosis knowledge with the site by telephone.
Unit troubleshooting
Once the unit fails, we will combine field information and BH5000 data for analysis and diagnosis, give the cause of the failure and trigger mechanism, and issue a "unit diagnosis analysis report" to provide specific implementation and treatment plans. When necessary, we will negotiate with the site and send an expert team to the site to troubleshoot the crew.
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