The company has deployed permanent diagnostic service teams in dozens of places including Guangxi Petrochemical and Sichuan Petrochemical. These service teams cooperate with remote monitoring and diagnosis staff in Beijing to provide condition monitoring and fault diagnosis outsourcing for various types of mobile equipment in the enterprise. Services to promote enterprises to achieve predictive maintenance.
The serviced enterprises applied the BH5000 online monitoring and diagnosis system and BH550 intelligent patrol and diagnosis system, and adopted a combination of on-line monitoring and diagnosis of key large-scale units and offline monitoring and diagnosis of other units to establish a mobile equipment monitoring and diagnosis center platform.
Over the years, Bohua Technology has provided a large number of effective inspection and maintenance guidance suggestions for the troubleshooting of key unit failures of enterprises, avoided a considerable number of repeated equipment accidents, and saved a lot of funds.

At present, it has provided diagnostic outsourcing services to companies such as Guangxi Petrochemical, Sichuan Petrochemical, Yunnan Petrochemical, Changqing Petrochemical, Hohhot Petrochemical, Tarim Oilfield, CNOOC Taizhou Petrochemical, Yangmei Taiyuan Chemical and other companies.

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