The company has a fault diagnosis service team of more than 40 people. The team members include a number of authoritative and well-known experts in the industry. They have extensive field experience and deep theoretical foundations. They are the earliest experts in the field of petrochemicals to promote and apply condition monitoring and fault diagnosis technology. It has unique advantages in diagnosis and application of advanced technology.
We provide enterprises with on-site services such as equipment operation and maintenance guidance, on-site dynamic balancing, pipeline vibration reduction, and equipment vibration analysis during the operation of the equipment.

The company has provided dozens of oil refining, coal chemical and oil pipelines for Qingyang Petrochemical Rich Gas Compressor, Shenhua Coal-to-Olefin Syngas Recycling Gas Compressor Unit, Jinxi Petrochemical Catalytic Unit Main Fan Unit, Yamato Bo Petrochemical Compressor Unit And other companies provide on-site diagnostic services.

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