BH550 comprehensive inspection analysis and diagnosis instrument use precautions

Before using the instrument, please read and understand the contents of the instrument carefully to ensure the correct use of the instrument to prevent the instrument from malfunctioning, causing damage to the instrument or causing personal injury due to misuse. If you have any questions when reading the instrument manual and using the instrument, please contact our technical support staff in time.

Personal safety precautions

-The instrument must not be near the source of the fire, and it is strictly forbidden to burn the battery;

-Wear reasonably, keep your hair, clothes, etc. away from the device under test, so as not to cause injury to people;

-When using the instrument for testing, ensure that the body is balanced so that the instrument can be better controlled and operated;

-Please provide corresponding safety equipment for special occasions, such as eye protection, ear muffs, non-slip shoes, hard hat, etc .;

Precautions for using the instrument

-To prevent the battery of the instrument from failing, make sure that the instrument is fully charged at least every three months when the instrument is left for a long time.

After the battery power is consumed, avoid leaving it for a long time if it is not fully charged in time;

-It is strictly forbidden to impact the sensor; it is not allowed to insert or remove the remote sensor while the power is on;

-When the battery power is low, please charge it in a safe place in time, and it is strictly prohibited to charge in the explosion-proof work area;

-Please use the standard accessories provided by our company, it is forbidden to interchange with other equipment accessories;

-If the equipment fails, please contact our technical support personnel in time, it is forbidden to open and repair by yourself;

-Operate the instrument at the ambient temperature and humidity specified by the instrument; using the instrument at temperatures and humidity exceeding the specified ambient

The instrument causes a certain degree of damage and may cause inaccurate measurement data. In addition, it will be shortened when the power is constant.

Continuous working time of the instrument;

Precautions for using the remote sensor

-Split sensors and instruments are in one-to-one correspondence and are not interchangeable;

-In order to avoid high temperature damage, it is strictly prohibited to attach the acceleration sensor to the measuring point whose surface temperature exceeds 121 ° C; avoid the surface of the instrument and various

Equipment for measuring cable contact surface temperature exceeding 121 ℃;

-Be careful not to allow the cable of the remote sensor to be entangled on the rotating or mobile device when measuring;

-Please refer to the following four diagrams during operation:

-Figure A: When connecting the remote sensor to the device, first attach the magnetic base to the surface of the device, and then slowly connect the entire magnetic base to the device

Touch well; when removing the magnetic base, hold the sheath position sideways and forcefully lift the magnetic base side and then remove it as a whole.

-Figure B: It is forbidden to remove the magnetic base by pulling the wire directly to avoid damage to the remote sensor.

-Figure C: When connecting the remote sensor or charger cable, insert the red dot into the connector as shown in the figure;

Unplug the plug directly on the metal part.

-Fig. D: Do not remove the plug by pulling the wire directly to avoid damage to the plug.

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