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Remote Monitoring and Diagnosis Center

    Provide unified online monitoring and fault early warning system solutions for rotating, reciprocating, pumping and other equipment in petroleum and petrochemical power fields Provide online monitoring and fault early warning solutions for wind turbines.

System background
Since the birth of equipment fault diagnosis technology, the diagnostic system has evolved from a single or a single type of equipment to a distributed monitoring and diagnosis based on a computer network that connects sensors distributed throughout the site with various service and management sites system. The rapid development of the Internet on a global scale provides the conditions and foundation for remote device fault diagnosis. Remote fault diagnosis technology is to combine equipment fault diagnosis technology with computer network technology to establish condition monitoring points on important key equipment of large enterprises and collect equipment status data. Establishing a diagnostic center in a core unit with strong technical strength is a new technology for analyzing and diagnosing the operation of equipment. The realization of remote diagnosis can make the fault diagnosis of machinery and equipment more flexible and convenient, and can be used more widely. It can also realize resource sharing, avoid repeated development, and strengthen the communication between enterprises and external scientific research institutes.

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