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Wind turbine online monitoring

The signal generated by the mechanical failure of the transmission chain is mainly the "shock vibration signal", which is closely related to the failure of the mechanical system of the transmission chain of the wind turbine. If properly handled, early warning can be avoided to prevent unplanned downtime. Bohua Technology uses a special shock energy technology to analyze the "shock vibration signal" and extract fault characteristic signals. Aiming at the problem of variable speed of wind turbines, the BH5000W online monitoring and diagnosis system for wind turbines treats the speed as an independent variable to eliminate the effect of speed changes, and it can perform trend warning for any speed range.
Using the above technology, the BH5000W wind turbine online monitoring and diagnosis system can automatically identify the fault location and severity. The software system uses 2 architectures, C / S architecture and B / S architecture. The C / S architecture is to install software on the computer terminal to manage the data; the B / S architecture is to view the data through a networked browser, and the external network can directly use the browser to access the monitoring center data. At the same time, the monitoring center deploys the GIS function to make the current status and operation of wind power online clear.

BH5000W system architecture diagram

Wind turbine with online monitoring system-main bearing Wind turbine with online monitoring system-planetary gear box

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