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Engine online monitoring and diagnosis
Gas engines, diesel engines, etc. use combustion to perform work and output power through reciprocating motion, which are key power equipment in the fields of oil fields, natural gas pipelines, and ships. Gas engines often have turbochargers that increase mechanical efficiency, with more complex structures and failure modes.
BH5000E engine online monitoring and diagnosis system monitors and analyzes crankcase vibration, cylinder vibration, turbocharger vibration, crankshaft instantaneous speed, and process parameters to realize gas engine connecting rods, piston rings, pistons, turbocharger bearings, etc. Early warning and diagnosis of components. The existing engine inspection and maintenance mode will be changed to realize predictive maintenance; major and vicious accidents of the unit can be avoided.
The engine online monitoring and fault diagnosis system has been applied in the West-East Gas Transmission Station, Changqing Oilfield, PetroChina Beijing Natural Gas Pipeline Co., Ltd. and other units. It is the first time that online monitoring has been implemented on a gas engine-reciprocating compressor unit in China, filling the domestic related Sphere of blank.
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