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Key machine pump online monitoring and diagnosis
Motor pumps are important equipment for refining and petrochemical companies and offshore oil platforms, such as hot oil pumps for petrochemical companies, and crude oil pumps for offshore oil platforms; once these equipments fail, they may halt production processes and cause major losses. Pump impellers, bearings, and retaining rings are vulnerable components and are prone to failure. The BH7000P online monitoring and diagnosis system for key pumps can help in the early warning of failures, achieve predictive maintenance, and take measures before the failures deteriorate to reduce losses.
The BH7000P key pump and pump online monitoring and diagnosis system developed has solved the important problems of online monitoring and fault diagnosis of important pumps, especially high-risk pump bearings, impellers, ring rings, gears and other vulnerable components. The enterprise avoided multiple serious accidents, realized predictive maintenance, and produced good results.
The signals generated by the failure of the pump are mainly: conventional low frequency signals and high frequency shock vibration signals. Conventional low-frequency signals are expressed by speed values (mm / s), which can solve problems such as imbalance, misalignment, looseness, and eccentricity of the impeller. High-frequency shock vibration signals are expressed by acceleration (m / s2) and gIE values, which can solve bearing faults, cavitation and other faults. For this signal, Bohua Technology uses the patented technology "optimal filtering and demodulation" to analyze the "shock vibration signal" to extract the fault characteristic signal for the engineer to analyze.

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