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BH5000R reciprocating compressor monitoring

Reciprocating compressors are important equipment in the production process of petroleum and chemical industry, and their operating conditions are related to the normal operation of the entire production process. If an unplanned shutdown of a reciprocating compressor is in operation, it will cause a series of problems: affecting the process flow, causing huge production losses, adding additional maintenance costs, affecting personnel and equipment and environmental safety. Studies show that 80% of unplanned shutdowns of reciprocating compressors are caused by faults such as gas valves, pistons / piston rods, packings, piston rings / supporting rings, etc. A large number of on-site online monitoring data and experimental data confirm that the above-mentioned faults have occurred in early stages. Corresponding signs. Based on these symptoms, the BH5000R online reciprocating compressor online monitoring system can detect and diagnose the above faults in advance, confirm the root cause of the fault early, and prevent it before it happens; transforming unplanned shutdowns into planned shutdowns can improve the reliability and safety of the compressor and extend compression Machine operating cycle, which in turn increases output, reduces operating costs, and increases potential profits.

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