Bohua officially enters the field of equipment monitoring-stepless gas volume adjustment system successfully applied

统(BH-SCCS系统)2018年8月在大庆石化公司炼油厂原料气压缩机上成功投入运行。 The stepless gas volume adjustment system (BH-SCCS system) of Bohua Technology's reciprocating compressors was successfully put into operation in August 2018 on the feed gas compressors of the refinery of Daqing Petrochemical Company. Bohua Technology is a manufacturer that owns both the reciprocating compressor stepless air volume adjustment system and the reciprocating compressor online monitoring system .
This raw material gas compressor is a domestic 2D50 symmetrical balanced reciprocating compressor with a rated power of 1700 kilowatts. 量的40%~60%,多余的气体经过压缩做功后再通过回流阀返回至进气端,压缩机运行效率低,浪费了大量电能。 In the past, the normal gas volume required for a production unit was 40% to 60% of the compressor's rated exhaust capacity . The excess gas was compressed and returned to the intake side through a return valve. The compressor had low operating efficiency and wasted a lot of electrical energy.
Our company's stepless gas volume adjustment system obtained the project through bidding in 2017. After field construction and commissioning, the system was put into operation. Up to now, the system has run smoothly and has significant energy saving effects, which has been highly recognized by users. According to on-site operating data, the operating current of the compressor decreased from 130 amps to 95 to 100 amps, saving an average power of about 300 kilowatts; approximately 7200 kWh of electricity was saved each day, equivalent to about 3,600 yuan in electricity costs, and over one million yuan in electricity costs could be saved in a year.

System site construction and installation details

Control software interface
Compressor monitoring

Load regulation
Independently developed various key technologies for stepless gas volume adjustment of reciprocating compressors, and has authorized a number of national invention patents and utility model patents in terms of system composition, structural design, control optimization, monitoring and alarm methods.
system applications
The stepless gas volume adjustment system has been applied to various reciprocating compressors of a petrochemical company of Sinopec, a petrochemical company of PetroChina, and a chemical company of Sichuan. According to user feedback, the field application is in good condition. After the stepless gas volume adjustment system is installed, the operating power consumption of the reciprocating compressor is significantly reduced. At the same time, because the system integrates the online monitoring function, the unit's safety is effectively guaranteed under the conditions of achieving energy-saving operation Run smoothly.
The BH-SCCS system integrates our company's advantages in online monitoring technology of reciprocating compressors, and realizes the integration and optimization of stepless gas volume adjustment and monitoring and diagnosis functions of reciprocating compressors, which effectively guarantees the unit's safe, stable, efficient and green operation. !!

If you need further industry solution information, please click on the stepless gas volume adjustment solution .
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