Bohua Technology Receives Thank You Letter from Yangmei Taiyuan Chemical Company

On January 2, 2019, Bohua Technology received a letter of thanks from Yangmei Group Taiyuan Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd. Since Bohua Science and Technology entered Taiyuan Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd. in 2016 to take charge of the online monitoring and diagnosis of large units and offline assembly inspection of key units in the ammonia department, it has accumulated about 80 typical cases, effectively improving the efficiency of failure analysis and reducing The cost of equipment inspection and maintenance has improved the equipment's stable operation period and management level. Taiyuan Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd. particularly praises this.

The thank you letter from Taiyuan Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd. confirms the superb technical level of our diagnostic staff and the powerful technical strength of Bohua Technology. In the future, Bohua Technology will continue to maintain an excellent service style, strive for excellence in its work, and improve itself in technology to further improve the stability of customer equipment operations.


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